A picture of Jakob aka wollekobHello human,

my name is wollekob and I am a full-time experiment in the making.

I embrace discomfort, face my fears and explore my mental and physical boundaries for the sake of experience, growth and appreciation.

I aim to shed light on everyday treasures and seek out experiences to nourish a happy and healthy me, creating a happy and healthy planet and society as a sideproduct.

On here you can peek into my brain, see reason wrestling with emotion, follow my adventures and read along as I aspire to crack the code of human and planetary flourishing in synergy.

Oh, and I tell it all through an illustrated version of myself, wollekob. 

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram & Quora.

Enjoy !

Curriculum Visuale – the different CV

I believe that our ability to create effectively and creatively cannot be reduced to a traditional CV.

Our experiences make up the material we use to communicate and produce on a daily basis – and these stretch beyond university and our workplace.

It’s our everyday practices and habits that determine whether we will thrive or stagnate in life.

I vowed to never send a conventional CV to secure work engagements. Instead, I aim to maintain a wholesome CV. One that creates a better understanding of who I am as a person. That takes my experiences, lessons and practices into account.

Wollekob's Curriculum Visuale 2015-17