[Updated on 02.11.2017]

My life is a series of deliberately chosen tactics,  routines and experiences challenging my mental and physical self to become better & happier on a daily basis.

Wollekob's visual Now Page


Since the 13 of July 2017 I meditate daily and aim to integrate mindfullness into every aspect of my life. I view meditation as an essential aspect of a happy person, teaching you mindfullness / how to be present in the moment and calming your mind to master your thoughts.


Since the 13 of July 2017 I practice Yoga on a daily basis and will do so for at least one year.  I practice Yoga as a means to deepen my mindfullness practice, increase my flexibility and strength and gain control over my body.


Since the 11 of August 2017 I write down three reasons on why the upcoming day will be awesome in the morning, three things I am grateful at the end of the day and celebrate at least one success. By focusing my mind on the positve, expressing gratitude and acknowledging my successes on a daily basis I aim to better my life, nourish my happiness seed and fill my life with meaningful and memorable experiences I can later read and reflect about.

Embracing Discomfort – No Chair and Bed for 100 days

Since the 8 of August 2017 I sleep on the floor and aim to use no chair (or chair like) sitting opportunity. I aspire to redefine my definition of comfort by embracing discomfort, gain appreciation and strenghten my connection to my body.

Food Exploration

Since the 16 of August I am exploring various diets and ways to prepare, eat and enjoy food. I am looking to build wollekob’s food philosophy that promotes a healthy me and planet and will serve as my guideline for what, how and how much I eat. I am exploring …

  • veganism / the paleo diet / raw & fermented foods / the liquid-only diet and more
  • the various methods of fasting
  • eating soley with hands and blindfolded
  • sharing and enjoying food with loved ones and strangers
  • how all of it fits into my life and my relationship with the planet

A trashy lovestory

During the month of October, I pick up trash whereever I go and put in into a bin or the trashbag I carry with me. I aim to pick up the habit of picking up trash, lead by example and be part of a solution.

To be continued …